Take a look at your hands.

Take a look at your hands.

Go ahead, tilt your head and look down at your hands…actually look at them.  What do you see?

This COVID pandemic has been raging for a year. How many times would you say you’ve washed your hands in the last year?  How many times have you used hand sanitizer..?

About a billion…right?

So now, what has your scrutinizing inspection shown you..?  Hands dry…? cracking…?  Tiny lines that make your skin look like it wants to peel right off?

Take your hand sanitizer out and use it. How does it smell?  Does it smell like a margarita drink? Sewage? A bag of garbage? Or maybe a bottle of isopropyl alcohol?

Well, I know we’d all like to toss our hand sanitizer in the trash can. But we can’t stop using it until we ‘re well past the pandemic.

It used to be that most hand sanitizer was made from isopropyl alcohol. But the shortages of this vital hand “de-germer” during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the explosion of its production. A new source of alcohol for making this vital product arose in the form of ethanol… made from sugar cane, corn, and other products.

Which is the reason that your hand sanitizer may have a disagreeable odor. And whether it was ethanol or isopropyl based, it dries your hands. Cracked, itchy skin. Brutal.

And with 134,000 new cases of COVID-19 this week in the US, and another 1900 new deaths… also this week…  well, we can’t grow complacent. We can’t drop our guard. Precautions to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the one that causes COVID-19) are more vital then ever. We still have a rocky road ahead of us.

The COVID pandemic has been raging a year, still it rages on

The fact is, we’re plummeting toward at least another 6-9 months more before we see this pandemic under control. Do you know why?

Because the virus has mutated again and again. It has become more contagious. And some strains are more deadly. Because even though a vaccine is being offered, we have a ways to go before enough of the population has been vaccinated to reduce the spread of COVID. And because once the population is vaccinated, it will take time for the disease’s impact to be significantly reduced.

So. It comes down to this:

You’ll be using hand sanitizer awhile yet. And wearing masks. And social distancing.

But you don’t have to watch the skin on your hands dry up and blow away during that time.

You just need a friendly hand sanitizer. A nurturing and restoring premier luxury hand sanitizer. One that destroys viruses and bacteria, while actually nourishing your skin.

Honestly? You need Vita Lux.(use Vita Lux logo here or at least brand font)

Vita Lux (logo) is a premium luxury hand sanitizer made with 70% isopropyl alcohol, not ethanol, to destroy the virus without the :::ethanol-stink::: pewww.  Further, its fragrance emits from essential oils with Vitamin E and Aloe…and a soothing fragrance like Lavender, Green Tea, Citrus, or clean and pure Fragrance-Free with Aloe.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis that has shaken the globe.

VB Enviro Care has responded to the crisis with a comprehensive line of air purification technology products and services, surface sanitizing products and services, and hand sanitizing products, that are all completely effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as other viruses, bacteria, and molds.

FDA approved air purification:

AIROCIDE and  Novaerus



Steramist for surfaces removes 99.9999% of disease causing viruses like the COVID-19 virus, plus bacteria and mold

Vita Lux premium luxury hand sanitizer

For a full service consultation for your home or office, call:

(877) 345-7541 OR  go to vbenvirocare.com



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