Post-Covid World: Protect Your Indoor Spaces

Post-Covid World: Protect Your Indoor Spaces

As it’s always been, so it is again. Times are changing. After adapting to a pandemic, with all the personal protective equipment, social distancing, and avoiding crowds, our post-COVID world lies ahead.


As we begin to rebuild, renew relationships, and return children to school and coworkers come together at the office, it’s time for adjusting our perspective.


Across the country and around the world, businesses are opening again, and will continue to over the year ahead.


Hiring is increasing.


While we may wear masks for awhile, in coming months we’ll be able to toss them aside…FINALLY!!


We’re preparing for a new world.


And how should we move into this new reality? Do we return to the life we lived before the pandemic?

OR…should we develop the world around us as a safe place for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and co-workers?

OR…Should we take steps to put a healthier, more pure, clean environment around us?


One where we’re safe from viruses, bacterial infections, mold, and pollen indoors.

Where we keep our hands clean with a special kind of clean, our desks and bathrooms

and kitchens clean.


An environment that is disinfected and purified from pathogens and contaminates so infections are no longer a threat when people gather. We will no longer be in full out war against coronavirus, but preventing it’s re-invasion.


During this pandemic we learned how. We were caught off-guard by an organism created for biological weapons and we weren’t ready.


But now, we’ve learned. We know how to protect our indoor spaces, and therefore ourselves, from these invasive pathogens. We learned long ago to take daily vitamins, supplements, and to eat healthy foods to protect our bodies and empower them to fight illness.


Now we know how to arm and empower our indoor spaces to prevent the spread of infection.


We have to be assertive, right? We no longer can be passive, helpless…useless.



You don’t need to feel helpless. You can take action.

When you stand up and do something it relieves the pressure of helplessness you feel.


We have the technology to make our schools, offices, hospitals, clinics, places where the air is pure to breathe, uncontaminated, and health promoting.


You can wipe down all the surfaces at work and school with Zoono. Zoono removes 99.9% of contaminates from surfaces, then bonds with the surface to create an anti-microbial shield that keeps killing pathogens for 30 days. That’s a special kind of clean.


Do your disinfectant sprays from the grocery or box store do that? You know they don’t.


Now the next step. You’ve got to get those disease causing pathogens - like coronavirus, influenza, Staph, and other contaminants - out of the air. You can watch an advertisement on television that shows the actor spraying the air with her “disinfectant” leaving the impression that she’s cleaning the air so her family is safe. She’s NOT.


So what can you do about the air?


More than you can imagine!


You can install air disinfecting purifiers in each room or space. Then your indoor environments will


Airocide air disinfectant purifiers were developed by NASA to purify and disinfect the air in the space station. It contains a reaction chamber that destroys 100% particle, fume, and biological air pollutants. Airocide is so precise and advanced that it’s FDA approved as a medical device.


So…how do you know if it’s working? How do you know that this is not all hype?


Instascope Air Sampling technology was developed by the Department of Defense to identify biological weapons. It’s accurate. And in real time will sample your air in each room and inform you of any pathogens or pollutants present.


There are also hand sanitizing products available, like Zoono or Vita Lux,  in personal or industrial sized containers.


Save yourself from Bastian’s heartbreak.


His brother, Grant, had been in a skilled nursing facility for nearly a year after a multi-car pile up during his commute. When a virulent staph infection swept through the nursing home, his brother was infected and after 4 weeks, died from complications of pneumonia. Bastian was devastated and wondered in his grief what he could have done.


If Airocide and Zooma had been used in cleaning and installed in his room, it could have protected him from those infections.


In another nearby nursing home, the families of residents cooperated and contributed to pay for Airocide units in the public room, and installed these units in their loved ones’ rooms.


The units kept the room air clean and pure. The residents remained healthy.


Your post-COVID world can be clean and pure. Healthy.


This amazing technology should be installed in every patient facility, every school, every dormitory, every office, and every medical practice.


This is 21st century technology that will protect all those who come after us, as well as ourselves. To remove contagious illnesses. What a concept!


There is no reason for continued absentees from work or school with this technology. It’s as important as air conditioning.


We have the technology to protect our indoor spaces.


The building budget that allows for air conditioning and heating must be increased to include this highly technical and effective way of preventing the spread of disease.


Can you justify NOT installing it in your home and workplace?


Do it NOW. Safety is not just an option. It’s a necessity.


Move into a new post-covid healthy and pure way of living, protecting your indoor spaces.


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