Invest in Your Employee Health

Invest in Your Employee Health
Charlene is 38, a mother of two children, and is a valued employee at her accounting firm. She’s sharp, observant, and a talented problem-solver. During tax season, which is also Spring, her attendance is extremely important. And that’s where problems arise.
The trouble is, she has severe allergies to pollen, dust, and other things. To make matters worse, various plants, shrubs, and trees emit their pollen at different times, most in the Spring. So the severe reaction she suffers from the pollen of the Hawthorne shrubs is followed by the pollen from cedar trees, then more and more pollens fill the air. During tax season it’s almost constant.
On top of that, once her symptoms peak, the drainage in her head and throat, settles in her lungs and she develops bronchitis. Then infection grows in that fluid. With fevers of 101-102 degrees, she’s too sick to work and calls in. One illness can last a week, sometimes into the second week.
And a couple weeks later, there is more pollen, and Charlene is once again sneezing, coughing, and miserable, until the asthmatic bronchitis flares up again. More fevers. Another trip to doctor for antibiotic shots. And she misses another week of work.
Since one of her children is also allergic to pollens, that child also has bronchitis flare-ups. When her child is home sick, she misses work to care for her child.
What a Human Resources nightmare. Either they lose a fantastic employee, or they have to almost keep an excellent accountant on retainer to step in when she can’t come in to work.  Just not practical. They need to invest in their employee.
Charlene takes breathing treatments at home and at work, to help her ward off bronchitis. But that doesn’t solve the problem. It’s more of a bandaid than a solution.
After two seasons of this, upper management make a decision to invest in the health of Charlene and other employees like her.
They assigned a team to search for solutions.
The finance department runs the numbers and discovers the cost of investing in air purification is far less than the costs of her absence, as well as absences of all the other employees that miss work because of allergies.
Internet searching leads them to VB Enviro Care. This company is all about purified air. With the technology to identify pathogens and pollen in the air, and an unheard-of ability to remove all of it from the air, they investigate deeper.
And what they find is unexpected, and exciting.
Technology developed by the the Department of Defense to identify and destroy biological warfare. Technology developed by NASA for the space station.
They have no idea there are products beyond the usual home cleaning products found in box stores and grocery stores.  This is a whole new approach to sanitized, clean, pure air to breathe.
They learned about Airocide, a product that filters the air, destroying and removing bacteria, mold, and viruses as well as pollen from the air, so infections won't be transferred to others. Airocide is so precise and thorough, it’s FDA approved as a medical device.
The finance team calls a meeting with Charlene.
Since companies like theirs often invest in those with high potential by sending them to special schools and programs to hone their expertise…they explain to Charlene that in her case, they believe their best investment is to protect her health.
They explain Airocide, Zoono Microbe Shield which removes 99.9% of pathogens from surfaces, then leaves behind a microbe shield that continues to destroy pathogens for up to 30 days…  and Vita Lux hand sanitizer gel to keep hands pathogen free. 
They present an offer to Charlene to pay 50% of her cost to install and use these products in her home, if she can pay the other 50%.
Charlene eagerly agrees, and arranges for her portion through special financing.
Fast forward six months.
Charlene is staying well and her absenteeism has been reduced by 92%, because her child is benefitting, too. The short exposure from building to car and back again seems to be quickly ameliorated once she’s in her home or office and is breathing pure air again.
The presence of her leadership and expertise is helping the company’s productivity. They wisely invested in their employee.
A smart company invests in key employees for long term gains.
Airocide- removes bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, dander, cancer-causing particulate matter, and pollen
Zoomo Microbe Shield - destroys 99.9% viruses, bacteria, mold on surfaces, and leaves a microbe shield to continue destroying for up to 30 days.
Vita Lux hand sanitizer - contains aloe, vitamin E, and lavender. Ethyl alcohol-based. Can not be washed off, continues to protect.
Make your office environment SAFE to dramatically reduce absenteeism.
Forbes reports that 8.7% of payrolls costs are connected to absenteeism. To put that in perspective, a 1billion dollar company that pays 60% of its cost to payroll, would spend $52.2 million a year for absenteeism.
52.2 million is a tidy sum to invest in changes that reduce absenteeism drastically. Don’t you think?
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