Got Allergies?

Got Allergies?

You Know…Sneezing…Coughing…Eyes Watering and Swelling…Throat Itching…Asthma…Bronchitis… ?

Hundreds of pollen sources as well as mold spores and other irritants are flung into the air you breathe. If you have allergies, every day is a battle between your overactive immune system and those allergens.

Pollen, a fine powder produced by trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, and weeds to fertilize other plants of the same species, bursts into the air from thousands of plants and trees around you.. Hence, “that’s a female cedar tree” or “that’s a male holly.” It’s the pollen that helps them reproduce. Good for them…but not good for you.
There are also mold spores released all day every day. You don’t see it, but it’s there driving your immune system crazy.

For allergy sufferers, all of it is wearing you down.

Then there are VOCs, volatile organic compounds emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. Paint, varnish, wax, household cleaners and disinfectants, cosmetics, degreasers, hobby products…all contain VOCs.
To protect your brain, your eyes, your body, and your lungs, you need to breathe air that’s as clean and pure as possible.
The immune system is on a different wave length than plants that produce pollen or spores, or all of these products that contain elements that are dangerous to breathe. The job of your immune system is to defend your body against harmful viruses, bacteria, molds, pollen, and VOCs.
But sometimes the immune system in a human goes wacky and rogue, trying instead to defend the body from pollen, mold spores, and other invaders, and in the process causes more trouble than it helps.
Unfortunately, though, the war waged by the immune system doesn’t hurt pollen but it can really hurt you, the human, causing sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, sore throat, and even can cause life-threatening anaphylactic shock.
If your human body reacts like that to pollen, you, dear friend, are allergic to that pollen. And the only way to avoid that reaction is either to swallow chemicals that suppress your immune system. OR… you can remove the pollen from the air you breathe in your home, your office, your clinic, or your school.

If you think you can run down to a box store and grab a $75.00 air purifier, think again…and here’s why.

The average air purifier filters the air of particles .3 microns or larger. But. Mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs are smaller than that. So it leaves far too much in the air you breathe undisturbed.

On the other hand, Airocide is a NASA designed air disinfecting and purifying technology that’s state-of-the-art.
You see, NASA had a problem with long term space missions. The astronauts needed to be fed fresh fruits and vegetables that grew onboard during the long term missions. Because fresh cut fruits and vegetables emit a VOC called ethylene that had to be removed from the air. What did they do?
They developed an air purifier that removed these VOCs including ethylene, viruses, bacteria, pet dander, and mold spores from the air utterly effectively. It makes the air you breathe safe again. Healthy.
sneezing with mask

It gives life, without taking anything.

That technology is now used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, wineries, commercial facilities, clinical settings, operating rooms, laboratories, and homes.
An article in the NYTimes written by an allergy tormented journalist gives his experience with several different air purifiers. He reports:

Mr. Freedman of Airocide, who previously worked on Wall Street, said that originally he was skeptical about the air purifier industry and “didn’t want to be associated with anything that wasn’t real.” He said he became convinced of the Airocide’s effectiveness after one of his business partners, a lifelong allergy sufferer, tried the technology, which was being used in wineries and other commercial facilities to curb mold.

“His house was like a museum of air purification. He took Claritin-D like M & Ms,” Mr. Freedman said. “Around week four or five, he came in and said, ‘Guys, I’m cured."
While the NY Times article stated that air purifiers aren’t regulated by the FDA. And to some degree that’s true.

However, Airocide actually is approved by the FDA as a medical device.

Airocide is somewhat more expensive than box store air purifiers, but it actually does the job completely. It’s a space age technology…for space shuttles for heavens sake.
These units are installed in operating rooms, where the air needs to be pathogen free, pollen free. Pure. Clean.
We’re always eating decongestants, antihistamines, nose sprays, cough medicines, rescue inhalers… who ever thought of just cleaning the air?
And for households with family members who are allergy sufferers from severe asthma and bronchial complaints, cleaning the air can offer immeasurable relief.
VB EnviroCare provides the technology and products for your safe, healthy living. To maintain a COVID-free environment along with allergy free environments, too.
Call VB Envirocare at (877)345-7541 or visit The Airocide Collection
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