Create a Clean, Healthy Environment Post-COVID and THRIVE

Create a Clean, Healthy Environment Post-COVID and THRIVE
In our last post we began to to consider the post-COVID world that lies ahead, as the pandemic subsides, immunity grows, and new cases dwindle. We’ve talked about the pandemic for a year and we all need to think new thoughts, promising thoughts. We need to focus on creating a clean, healthy environment.
Because that time is ahead, sooner than we think. We’re in the transition NOW. 
So let’s prepare a new way to think, a new paradigm.
And we need to invest in the new reality. A reality that focuses not on fear of getting sick, but one in which we expect to be well and stay well. A reality of healthfulness, where we’re not helpless, but proactively we are armed with the means to stay well.
We have taken infections for granted in the past. Part of life. But then we learned how dreadful infections can be if not kept in check. And we’re no longer ignorant, nor do we feel helpless.
We’ve learned that infections are avoidable, by ensuring that we breathe pure air, free of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, molds…even pollen.
We’re not helpless.
We’re free to make decisions that keep our lives and the lives of our children, co-workers, patients, and students healthy and thriving.
Think back. Possibly before you can personally remember…or maybe you can. Buildings weren’t air conditioned. Everyone use fans. Or nothing. But we’re way past that now aren’t we?
It’s now time for us all to work together to make a new impact on society and the world. To change the environment we live in to one that’s healthy and safe through the power of science and technology.
Today, air conditioning is a given. Walk in any school, any bank or shop, any box store, and you find the air is cool. Comfortable. Or it’s warm in winter. We take it for granted, don’t we?
The 21st century will be remembered as the century of the COVID pandemic, and as a result, the century that made air purification and surface disinfection common place. When new homes included pure air technology, just as they include air conditioning. The century when staph infections and abscesses became a thing of the past. Because surfaces are constantly being disinfected, and hands are pathogen free.
So what decisions do you need to make? You need to face the truth of the new reality today and recognize your responsibility to install this disinfecting and purifying technology in your own home, office, school, clinic, and place of worship.
Maybe you think you can’t afford it?
That’s a frame of mind that’s wrapped in denial (and we’re not talking about that river in Egypt, right?). You have survived a historic event such as the world has never seen before which infection caused the death of millions of people. Now it’s time to move a healthy environment up the priority list. You wouldn’t consider buying a building with no air conditioning, would you?
We all shoulder the responsibility to make a paradigm shift in this new post-COVID world. This new reality.
In your own corner of the world, promote a healthy and safe, infection-free environment. Create a bubble of health.
Start with an evaluation of your spaces.
Instascope Air Sampling Services
Developed by the Dept. of Defense to identify biological weapons, this delivers instant air quality assessment so appropriate and targeted treatment can be employed.
Steramist Clinical Grade Disinfection
Developed by DARPA for the Dept. of Defense,  this delivers instant decontamination of any pathogen - virus and bacteria - 99.9999% effective.  Requires no wiping or rinsing.
Clorox® Total 360® System
Creates a micro barrier to continue destroying pathogens for 30-90 days.
Zoono Hand Sanitizer
Formulated to destroy the toughest germs for 24 hours without harsh chemicals
Airocide Air Purifier
FDA cleared medical device. Beautiful. Developed by NASA to remove pernicious mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, dander, and cancer-causing particulate matter from the Space Station.
VB EnviroCare partners with One Tree Planted
VBEC is also planet friendly. As we help you make your indoor spaces (even your car!) safe and healthy, we plant a tree for every product you purchase. Since trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provides habitat to over 80% of the worlds biodiversity. And forests also absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Plus they provide key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.
When you partner with VB Enviro Care, you partner in purifying indoor spaces for everyone who visits them, and you help plant millions of trees throughout the world.
THIS is the new reality, the post-COVID world that makes a life of safety and optimum health. Because trees play a huge role in creating a clean, healthy environment.
Make the decision to participate now. To install these technologies in your indoor spaces at home, at school, your office, your hospital.
For consultation to help you bring your space up to the new reality, call 877-345-7541 or order at
You’re not helpless. Invest in your post-COVID world now.
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