Create a Bubble of Health

Create a Bubble of Health

Jack and Judy Jackson live in the suburbs with their daughter, Sylvie. They’ve enjoyed the freedom from traffic combined with restaurants, sports clubs, and playgrounds so readily available around them. They’ve been diligent about wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and social distancing throughout the pandemic.  Even so, they have a new type of problem and they need to reassess their circumstances. In fact, the changes that seem to be ahead for them will include creating a bubble of health around them as a family.


To elaborate, their 15 month-old nephew Grayson is going to be staying with them for awhile. Due to a very premature birth, Grayson requires a respirator, and is terribly susceptible to infection. Both his parents work, and their income is necessary to pay for all Grayson needs, so there is no one who can be home with him.

Since Judy is a stay-at-home mom, Jack and Judy offered to have Grayson move in with them. The two couples discussed it at length because of risk factors involved. The gravest danger is that if Grayson were to contract COVID-19, it was unlikely he’d survive.


Jack and Judy’s 3 year-old suffers with severe allergies, and also needs to be protected from the coronavirus. In light of that, the Jacksons decided to use the technology VB Enviro Care offers to create a bubble of health in their home.


To do that, they needed to ensure the air in their house was free of pollen as well as  virus-free, and bacteria free. In fact, they needed to make sure the air was clean, as well as the surfaces in the house.


After reviewing the Jackson home, VB Enviro Care recommended samples be taken of the air, using the Instascope. Believe it or not, Instascope was actually developed by the Department of Defense for identifying biological weapons. It’s the real deal.


Then, it was time to take action.


First, they treated all the surfaces  in the house with Steramist emits a fine fog over surfaces to remove contaminants and pathogens from all surfaces. Even more important, it creates a micro barrier on those surfaces that protects the area for 30-90 days.


Next, Airocide were installed… one in each room. The technology used in these units was designed with the help of NASA and removes and destroys all viruses, bacteria, and mold spores from the air, along with pollen and other contaminants. This high tech filtration system leaves the healthiest, purest air for Grayson and Sylvie to breathe, along with the rest of the family.


Over the next hour they continued monitoring the air quality in each room. Their goal was to remove all the pathogens and allergens from each room.


Finally, they set up a schedule to wipe down all the surfaces every night with Zoono. By placing Vita Lux hand sanitizer at each  sink and each entrance to the house, as well as a box of masks at each entry point, they can be sure that the air and surfaces are clean of any pathogens or pollen, so both children will be safe. They can protect Grayson and the rest of the family from COVID-19 and any other infections carried by someone entering their home.. 


Grayson’s mom was so relieved to see on the Instascope how thoroughly pathogen-free the air was, and the surfaces, too.  Steramist removes 99.9999% of all pathogens from surfaces. She felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders to see how safe the environment around Grayson would be.


In the same way, Jack and Judy were thrilled to see the pollen removed from the house, and to see how Sylvie’s symptoms seemed to subside. Jack told Judy this was the best investment they’d made in the house since they bought it. And thankfully, they could take all the equipment with them if they moved.


What a wonderful collection of life protecting equipment!


All of these changes together create a bubble of health in the Jackson household.


And they can create a bubble of health in your home or office or school, too.


Clean, pure, healthy air helps children thrive. It helps everyone thrive!


Create your own bubble of health:


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