Category 5 Storm of Pandemic Virus Variants from the UK, South Africa, and Brazil

Category 5 Storm of Pandemic Virus Variants from the UK, South Africa, and Brazil

The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 has an increasing number of variants at the DNA level that have become more contagious and more lethal than the original virus. Variants identified in the UK, South Africa, and other locations have stirred up fears for officials that COVID -19 could be headed for another surge.

Of particular alarm is the variant that was identified in the UK before Christmas. Its contagious aspect caused such a rapid incidence of new cases, that the Prime Minister called for a lockdown the week before Christmas to try to contain it.

Five days before the writing of this post, there were 540 cases of COVID in 33 states. 2 days later there were 690 cases.

Now, ten days into February, that variant of the virus is in the US, and the numbers of cases are doubling every 10 days. DOUBLING.

This variant, labeled B.1.1.7.  is quickly becoming the dominant strain in several European countries and the rate of transmission  to others is 30-40% higher than the less aggressive forms of COVID.

It’s a serious concern that this variant is more contagious than earlier versions of this virus, but upon closer inspection it’s quickly becoming apparent the death rate from this variant of SARS-CoV-2 is also higher… as in about 30% higher.

Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, is the director of the Center for Infectious Disease and Research at the University of Minnesota. He said recently that the US is facing a Category 5 storm with the burgeoning spread of the B.1.1.7. as well as the variants identified from South Africa and Brazil.

These findings were the result of a paper presented by researchers at Helix, and the researchers predict that this variant will likely become the dominant version of the virus in the US by March, just as it already has in some other countries, like the UK, Portugal, and Ireland.

So…just as we think we’re  turning a corner as vaccines are distributed…this ugly news surfaces.

And what do we DO about it??

We’re tired of this.  Are we not???

A pandemic is a nuisance at best.

At worst, it’s a debilitating, suffocating, exhausting, and lethal heck-of-a-way to live.

Of course you want it over. You’re not alone.

But here’s the thing.

COVID-19 pandemic is what it is, and until cases are reduced to a manageable number, we can’t afford to ignore it.

We really must pay attention.

Cover for Covid

So let’s take some real action and do SOMETHING about our individual corner of the world.

Your HOME.

Your Office.

Your Schools.

And in your corner, make it safe.

Remove the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 In your house.

Remove it in your OFFICE. 

Remove it in your Schools.

Take ONE Corner of your world and make it a safe place. For yourself and your family.

You can ensure that friends, loved ones, patrons, and the community’s children will NOT contract this pandemic virus on your watch.

We’re not talking about pie in the sky fairy tales. We not blowing hot air either.

We’re installing world class technology developed with NASA, MIT, and top biological warfare engineers to stop dangerous organisms like this one and any others.

Not a fluke.

Not a campaign to take advantage of anyone.

This is life saving technology that destroys all the viruses, bacteria, and molds in your building….room by room. It creates an  atmosphere where your children are safe. Your elderly parents are safe. YOU are safe.

We provide units that destroy these pathogens in the air within minutes.  Surfaces are purified and disinfected thoroughly, as in 99.9999% of them.

We also offer premium luxury hand sanitizers to protect and nourish your skin while disinfecting your hands from these same organisms.

Airocide air purifier is FDA-approved and filterless air purifier destroys airborne organic matter instead of trapping it.  It’s a class all its own.

Novaerus air purifier removes pathogens from the air by plasma cell technology.

Steramist removes organic pathogens from all surfaces by use of a fogging spray. 99.9999% effective in destroying pathogens on the surfaces in a room.

Vita Lux premium luxury hand sanitizer with a lovely fragrance from essential oils and aloe, to keep your skin pampered while keeping your hands safe.

Happy Family Together

You have the power to make your environment safe from SARS-CoV-2 and its variants.

Of course, you do need the vaccine. Getting both doses of the vaccine is only a step. Protection needs to go farther than that. People need to be safe in the meantime. And the variants aren’t expected to be easily managed by vaccines.

Remember, even after the pandemic is over, this technology will continue to keep your environment at home, at the office, and at school virus and bacteria free to protect you and your family from Flu, dangerous molds, staph infections.

This is the health development of the 21st century. Install yours now.

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