Are You Protected from the Deadly Mutated Super Corona virus for 2021?

Are You Protected from the Deadly Mutated Super Corona virus for 2021?

London locked down. Did you know?  Locked down.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered Londoners and those in nearby counties to stay home for Christmas. There were no gatherings outside of single households. People could go outside for exercise, then they had to return to their homes. Non-essential businesses were closed.

Restaurants, retail stores, gyms, bars…closed up.


Because the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 developed mutations that are so

contagious that this variety of the virus is spreading too fast to contain.

As a result, Londoners could not leave the quarantined area, and others couldn’t enter it.

This variant of the COVID virus is said to be up to 70% more contagious and has overtaken the cases caused by other variants of the virus so rapidly that this strain currently makes up 60% of the cases in southeast England.

Sure, there have been lots of mutations to the COVID-causing virus…but this is the first one that’s been pegged the deadly mutated SuperCoronavirus or SuperCovid.

The Prime Minister’s tongue-in-cheek comment exhorted Londoners to have a “merry little Christmas” referred to abandoning all plans for travel or even joining others outside the household for Christmas

Ok, so what does that mean to us here in the US?

Well, for one thing, this strain of coronavirus had already spread to some countries outside the UK. That count is up to 40 countries now. Many countries have closed borders to travelers from the UK.

Dr. Fauci has declared that the mutated coronavirus is almost definitely in the US, and likely in far more countries than we realize. As of last Thursday, cases of this mutant COVID strain…now known as super-COVID - the deadly mutated SuperCoronavirus… were confirmed in Colorado and California, so far… These numbers are expected to skyrocket because this strain is so extreme contagious.

And…by the way…the people with these confirmed cases had not visited Great Britain.

Plus,  here in the US, we still have the most COVID-19 cases  of any country in the world, and the numbers are growing fast. Higher and higher still.

Alarming? You bet.

A major concern is that when this strain reaches the US, there won’t be enough hospital beds to manage it.  In areas of the US where the most infections are found, we’re using tents to accommodate more beds at this point.

But what if the number of cases multiplies by 70%??

There are murmurs of rationing hospital care for COVID patients if hospitals are unable to meet the demands.

It’s tough to really grasp the seriousness of a virus that spreads fast, and treats different people differently. Symptoms are mild for some and severe to fatal for others. Because of this, there are many throughout this country who are a bit casual about preventing the spread of this coronavirus.

This is not the time to be cavalier about protection in the pandemic. Slight oversights can be deadly.

For example, here’s the story of Bud Blizzard.

He’s a real person, 80 years old, still very active and strong. Before the holidays, Bud broke his femur, when a house fell on him. Clearly, he wasn’t ready to fully retire. He stayed with his son for recovery, because of the ease of getting around with a walker in his son’s house.

Still, this is the pandemic, and social distancing is important. But Bud’s son is a pastor, with a big family. His adult children come and go, as do his parishioners, so the necessary precautions for someone elderly were being overlooked some of the time.

The time came for Bud and his wife to return to their own home, and they realized they weren’t feeling very well. Unfortunately, once they were home, they didn’t return calls from their family, or respond to text messages for 5 days.  Turned out they were just too sick. Tragic.

Finally, Bud went to the ER, where he was tested for COVID with positive results. His breathing deteriorated dramatically day after day, until the doctors told him they couldn’t help him any more than they had …he was just getting worse and worse.

He made arrangements to go home, because he knew he was dying and wanted to be at home surrounded by the people he loved. He arrived home on Christmas Day and died that afternoon.

Devastating for everyone who love him.

Bud was healthy and strong, but elderly. Someone who was unwittingly carrying COVID entered his son’s house unwittingly. And Bud paid with his life. Leaving his entire family and elderly wife bereaved beyond words.

This is happening all over the US and around the world. Lack of precaution and lack of preventive measures. Measures that can prevent such a thing from occurring.

Prominent scientists in the UK are quick to say that the best solution is to eliminate the virus. Their first step is to keep everyone at home. But the second step is to eliminate the virus from the environment.

You can eliminate the virus in your own home, your school, the hospitals…

By destroying it and removing it from the air. With the most radical technology available anywhere.

You can begin 2021 with clean air that’s free of any strain of any virus. Every strain of every virus. And bacteria and dangerous molds, as well.

By installing biological warfare grade photocatalytic oxidation technology that destroys and removes all the dangerous pathogens in the air and on the surfaces of your home or other indoor space. All viruses, even the SuperCoronavirus …or SuperCovid.

And it’s affordable for homeowners, business owners, schools, and healthcare facilities.

If Bud’s son had these units installed in his house, Bud would still be alive.

This coronavirus is serious. It can be deadly, and often is. This newly mutated superCOVID virus - or the deadly mutated SuperCoronavirus - spreads faster and can be more serious and more deadly.

AIROCIDE uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation that draws the air in the room over hollow glass tubes coated in a catalyst that destroys pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and molds, in the air.. This is the same process NASA used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the International Space Station. STERAMIST is a spraying application that removes all the virus from all the surfaces in the room.

This is not a bathroom cleaner, or an air purifier you buy at the box store. This is a radical 21st century technology developed at MIT and NASA to provide response protection in the event of biological warfare. No nonsense. Effective. Completely.

Your indoor space is truly safe for all who are present. Safety isn’t optional.

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