A Whole New Facet of a Global Pandemic…and Why You Need to Make Your Room SAFE

A Whole New Facet of a Global Pandemic…and Why You Need to Make Your Room SAFE

Here’s a shocker. Isolation increases the destructive aspects of inflammation and  reduces beneficial immunity responses. Now they tell us. Seriously??

So isolation reduces the spread of the virus, but can also make it harder to fight the infection itself…

Well, a recent meta-analysis of 56 studies finds psychosocial interaction decreases inflammation and enhances those helpful immune system responses. Also that as much as 50% of all deaths worldwide can be attributed to illnesses that involve inflammation.

This analysis included 56 studies included 4060 participants published in JAMA Psychiatry, and it found that when psychosocial interventions were applied in the subjects, their beneficial immune response increased by 15%, and their detrimental immune response decreased by 18%.

Sure sounds important as we face this rising virulent pandemic, wouldn’t you say?

And here we are in this global pandemic.  In the US, 1.7 million new cases this past week. The rise of cases is unnerving, not to mention the skyrocketing death toll.

So it’s natural to want to put each person you love into “a plastic bag” for the duration to protect them until this whole pandemic blows over. COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire.

We do try to quarantine and isolate them. We want to lock them in a room until this is over. But even if we try, how can we make the room safe?

And, what’s making it worse? The result is that people aren’t getting the social and emotional support they need… and this study has found that they’re less safe, and more susceptible to infection of all types.

Don’t you wish for a coronavirus air filter that just makes every room safe?

Times still get crazier in this pandemic… The superCOVID strain of the virus is now officially in 10 states with 82 cases as of Jan 12. Expert physicians in the UK say that the new strains are at least 50% more contagious and more deadly as well.

And 4,131 new deaths from COVID this past week, and the numbers are rapidly climbing.

The COVID pandemic is NOT subsiding. It’s growing and spreading, and fatalities are increasing.  Experts are calling for major interventions in the UK and US to slow the spread.

This frightening virus is spreading faster, and it has become more virulent.

At the same time, we find out that isolation is making people even more susceptible to  infection, and less able to fight it.

We can’t ignore the pandemic, right?

We still need masks, and hand sanitizer (link to https://store.vbenvirocare.com/collections/gel-hand-sanitizer/products/16-oz-lavender-gel) and better hand washing, and substantial social distancing.  NO! 6 FEET IS NOT ENOUGH when simply talking releases COVID particles into the air where it can travel up to 60ft!

More than ever, avoid crowds, and always wear a mask when you leave the house.

So what can you do?

Of course, we look for ways to help encourage more social interaction using zoom meetings, FaceTime, and Skype for stirring up interaction and broadcasting loving support.

But what else?

But what if we can make our homes, offices and classrooms so utterly safe from COVID we can have supportive gatherings

Picture a home with the technology to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Where people can gather without fear. They can talk, and laugh, and open their hearts. Where they can reassure each other and problem solve together.

This is possible when the technology on the level of biological warfare is available for your home, your office, your school.

Let’s take a short stroll through history.

If you lived before the mid 1960’s ,you likely lived without air conditioning in your home. Maybe you had a water cooler, or maybe you went to school where they opened windows and clerestory windows above the door to improve cross ventilation.  But you can be sure it was hot.

By the late 1960’s, new houses were built with air conditioners and a new era began. In the  21st century, you can’t imagine a house, office, or school without central air conditioning. It’s a way of life now, and is considered a necessity. Right? Of course!

But with this pandemic that originated in a laboratory, we have now faced something altogether new. Biological warfare is a reality. And it can also break away from anyone’s control.

In this environment, there is a new necessity for buildings, and that’s the technology to keep the air and surfaces in a building safe for those within. For making rooms safe. All the rooms.

You can’t do that with spray bathroom cleaner. But VB Enviro Care offers the technology to clean all viruses, no matter how contagious, from all surfaces, with a fogging spray that DESTROYS viruses, bacteria, and dangerous molds from all surfaces… Steramist.  And it removes 99.9999%. You have to call that ALL. So babies are safe to crawl, and adults have no fear of contamination.

Here’s a coronavirus air filter that is a game changer:

Then, they also offer units that destroy all viruses, of all kinds, in the air which also includes bacteria and molds, too. Airocide (link tohttps://store.vbenvirocare.com/collections/airocide) and Novaerus.

Imagine, bringing people into your home for a meal, or card games, like your aging parents, to give them real, face to face support and interaction.  And doing that on a regular basis because the air and surfaces in your house are safe. Because you’ve made your room safe.

This is the new air-conditioning for this century, and it’s air that goes beyond keeping people comfortable. This is air that keeps people safe.

And these products are manufactured to accommodate large areas like schools and hospitals, and smaller areas like homes.

This is the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021. We are living history… but people who matter to us are dying.

Hospitals and morgues are overwhelmed; and it’s getting worse fast.

Only you can make your home safe.

Only you can make your office and school safe.

Don’t wait.

4131 people died this week.

Take action.

Call VB Enviro Care to make your people SAFE. 877-345-7541 OR TO ORDER NOW, GO TO  store.vbenvirocare.com.


Do it.

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